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 April 28, 2016
What a beautiful time in the garden! Hundreds of people came through the Emmanuel Community Garden last Sunday and raved about their time here. Thanks be to God and thanks to all who helped--especially Lorra and Gordon!

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob+ and Mo. Lyn+

News Flash

  • Are you interested in being a LEV
    I want to invite any of you that are interested in joining the Lay Eucharist Visitor ministry.  In the last year, I have been blessed to be with many that are unable to attend church (due to being shut in or ill), by sitting with them, sharing stories and most of all sharing Eucharist.
    Many times I go thinking I may not know what to say or do with the person I am visiting, but the Holy Spirit always arrives just at the right moment.  I leave each time thinking what a blessing to sit, listen and be with those that can't attend church with us.  It's an intimate time, a gift, a double blessing for each person, you and them.
    If you are interested in being a LEV or would like to know more information, please contact me:, 714-446-9670. We will be having a class in the near future.
    Thank you, Jen Wagner
  • Hashtag Happenings
    Join us in spreading the word about Emmanuel. Post something about Emmanuel on Instagram, Twitter, or other media and use one of these hashtags
    #eepkids (for Preschool)
  • Helping the Homeless.
    Update: We will meet in the parish hall at noon on Sunday, May 15 to help Isabella with her project. Please bring some donations from the items on her list and we'll have fun packing and preparing. Here is a reminder of her vision:
    Hello, my name is Isabella Cirrito and I am a Girl Scout. I have been a Girl Scout since I was 5 years of old. Right now I am a Cadette and I would like to obtain my Silver Award. A Silver Award is the highest award a Cadette can get if they educate the community. For my Silver Award I want to educate the community of the growing homeless epidemic. To do that I need your help by donating and packaging care packages for the homeless. The donations I need are: toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, sunblock, wipes, hand sanitizer (NO ALCOHOL), $15-$20 food gift card (I will make sure the restaurant does not serve any alcoholic beverages), blankets, socks, jackets, sweaters, ponchos. To donate items, please bring them to Emmanual Episcopal Church. To donate  money for the food gift cards, please go to my Go Fund Me Page Have a H.E.A.R.T.

Photo of the Week

Awesome Garden Tour!

The Garden Tour was amazing. If you were not there, I am sorry you missed it. We estimate we had around 600 visitors. They all were blessed and amazed by our Garden. They had many questions and I am sure many will be back to visit again.
A few people stand out in my mind.
  • Jillian Yates - for excellently hosting the refreshment table
  • Charley and Karen Julien - graciously finding adoptive parents for most of our plants
  • Beth & Robert Jahncke - sharing with so many about the labyrinth
  • Lynette Nyaggah - sharing her garden wisdom freely
  • Elizabeth Oates - her joy in setting up her new timer and happily answering questions
  • Bernice & Terry Lomhiem - coming directly from the airport to help in all ways possible
  • Jeannie Sigler - cups for the limeade, cookies and extra bottles of juice
  • Carol Dodson - for limes to make 8 gallons of limeade, cookies, ice bucket, and being on hand to help
  • Ted & Joy Jones - for allowing us to raid their back yard for limes
  • Karen Doss - who came to church and stayed through clean up
  • Dave Dunlap - picking his squash and sharing
  • Father Rob & Mo Lyn - for all their loving support in every way
  • Howard Minkley - solving a 'bitter tasting' situation with salt
  • Cookie 'Monsters' - every one of you who made sure we did not run out of cookies
  • Gordon - tirelessly answering questions about the vineyard and winemaking & surprising guests by pulling a beet, leek or onion and handing it to them
You all are a blessing and I thank God for you. And I thank God for his blessing of the Emmanuel Community Demonstration Garden: A place to Grow.



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