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 August 11, 2016
How blessed we have been to have Bill Donoghue as a friend and brother in Christ. He has made such a life-giving difference to this community and to the world. In this issue we continue the celebration of his life.

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob+
Thanksgiving for the life of
Bill Donoghue

Bill and Marley

We won't be doing a memorial service for Bill until the beginning of September, so I wanted to send out a remembrance of him and a thanksgiving for his life. Bill was involved in so many activities at Emmanuel--regular in attendance, supporting numerous ministries, serving faithfully on our Vestry. He was always ready with a fascinating story, wry humor, engaging smile, or an encouraging word to minister God's love and grace to everyone he met. Here is a little background of his law enforcement career from an Emerald Society newsletter:

He started his career in Law Enforcement in 1956 as a foot patrol officer in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department where he served until 1958.   He came to California in 1958 seeking nicer weather and better pay and joined the Downey Police Department. His stay in Downey was brief and he quickly moved to Anaheim PD where he worked until 1985.   

In Anaheim, Bill started off in a one-man patrol car, which lead to assignments as a Crime Scene Investigator, Motorcycle Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Motorcycle Traffic Sergeant, TACT Team (SWAT) leader Sergeant, Hostage Negotiator / Crisis Intervention Unit, Reserve Corps Coordinator, Stadium / Convention Center Sergeant, Background Investigations and Labor Relations Officer.   When Bill left APD, in 1985 he landed a job as an investigator with the B-2 Division of Northrop Corp. "At the time we were very hush-hush about even mentioning the B-2, we were truly in the 'black world' of security ... If I told you all the details I'd have to kill you." He added, "It was seriously top secret stuff."   

Bill worked his way up to Senior Investigator before they cut back on production of the elegant airplane and he left in 1994 to do some PI work.   Bill had a teaching credential, a BA from the University of Redlands and Masters Degree from Pepperdine University, so he was able to teach legal and law enforcement occupations in the Orange County and Los Angeles County ROP programs and Academies. He also taught at Fullerton and Rio Hondo Colleges.   In 1999, he was deputized as a Professional Services Reserve with the OC Sheriff's Department. "I was happy to do the volunteer work, which served to enhance my teaching credential." Bill stated that, "In 2000, the OC Sheriff's Dept. even awarded me the HTCU (High Tech Crime Unit) Supervisor of the Year Award for Demonstrated Commitment to the department and to unit goals," adding "It was a very nice plaque!   

We give thanks for Bill's life and for all the ways he made a difference in our church community and the world. Please keep his wife Karin, his family, and friends in your prayers as they grieve his departure. May he go from glory to glory in God's kingdom!

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  • A Special Focused Mediation Labyrinth Walk relieves stress and anxiety.   It brings Peace and direction into ones' life.   The Walk will be held at Emmanuel on Saturdays from 11-12.     The Focused walk into the center is to think of major issues facing ones' life.   In the center will be a shortened form of the Eucharist.   Coming out the meditation is on how consciously experiencing the Peace of God brings new insights that can only come from the experience of grace within.   Issues are not shared because the healing is in the walk.   Reservations are required.   Call Fr. Paul 714 879 6436 or email


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A welcome back to Ron Suich after zipping through the trees of Costa Rica. Good to have you back!


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