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May 4, 2017

Sometimes it amazes us how many things are happening in our midst! In this edition we celebrate events from the past weekend and look forward to the consecration of our new bishop!

With love in Jesus,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn

Painting, Preschooling, and Partying

What a fun weekend! Saturday night Emmanuel Preschool sponsored a Paint Night, where 38 people came together and learned how to paint a moonlit scene, amidst raucous laughter, encouraging love, and some great refreshments. It looks like we were able to raise over $600 for the preschool. Thanks be to God!

Then on Sunday we celebrated Emmanuel Preschool as the kids sang and Nancy celebrated the Risen Lord in the midst of the ministry of kids, teachers, and volunteers. Those smiling faces and lilting voices definitely raised the cuteness level (not to mention the enthusiastic kangaroo hopping and crocodile chomping!)

Afterwards our friends from Church on the Rock put on an amazing and delicious Korean BBQ that was out of this world. Big thanks for all those who helped out and participated in this wonderful time together. As scripture says, "How blessed it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity!" 


Because seating is limited, the diocese is alloting 20 seats for each congregation. If you would like to go, please call the church office to be put on the list, or sign up on the display board on Sunday. We will need to send in our Emmanuel list with names, email addresses and phone numbers on the afternoon of May 14th.

News Flash

  • AIDS Walk OC will take place on Saturday, May 6. You can register at For more information click on this link for a flyer:  AIDS Walk OC 
    (By the way, one of the first people to take part in the AIDS Walk in Emmanuel's history was Doris Knape who walked it on behalf of her brother!) 
  • God Took My Clothes Several people have asked me (Fr. Rob) about the book I referenced during the Easter sermon where Ron Suich's son, Dave, had interviewed over 600 people who had near death experiences. Here is the info he sent along:
    Regarding the book, the cheapest place to get a soft cover is on It is also available on eBay and Amazon, but that's just a more expensive version of the same one on the website. On that website they can also download a free pdf of the book, if they wish.

    The e-book is available on Barnes & Noble or in any ebook format including kindle at:

    I still have free promotional copies, so anybody who wants to can either text me their address or email it to me at

Photo of the Week

Peace Parade
Joe couldn't be with us for a couple of weeks because he is busy serving the LA community. He sends his greetings and gratitude for Emmanuel. Here he joined in on the Peace Parade this past weekend where the participants remembered the 25th anniversary of the LA riots and the ongoing need to work for peace..

July 8, 2017
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

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