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September 14, 2017

One of the best Men's Retreats ever! Thanks be to God for Dan Notti's teaching and the rest of the gang's sharing. It was a wonderful time up in the mountains and having retreated we are ready to advance! Now it's time to gear up for the Women's Retreat. Check out details and photos in this issue.

With love in Jesus,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn

P.S. This Sunday will be Story Day II at noon in the SHACK room. Another opportunity to share Emmanuel God stories!


Emmanuel News Bullets
Update on the Preschool Fundraiser

A big thank you to all who have currently given a donation for Emmanuel Preschool. Currently we have raised $1,350 toward our goal of $5000.
You can contribute by writing a check to the church with "preschool" in the memo or by going to this Go Fund Me link here Emmanuel Preschool

Letter to Karen Carr

Congratulations, Karen, on this anniversary of your 30 years in L'Arche! The first time you made an appointment with me to talk about L'Arche in 1995, I could see the passion and commitment for this way of life in your eyes. Since then I have been amazed by your persistent vision and unwavering dedication to providing inclusive Christian community where people with disabilities were an integral and treasured part of the family. Thanks to your vision and your ability to unite a variety of church denominations together in this work, L'Arche Wavecrest was born in Southern California. I remember how exciting and challenging those formative years were! Even more exciting was the birth of Abraham house and the welcoming of Chris, Terry, and Jason. So many faithful people joined in over the years to support, serve, and be part of the community. People have come and gone-some who are now lights in the kingdom of heaven-but you have remained the central spark from the heart of God who helped give birth to this amazing story. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide your steps, encourage your heart, and remind you of all that has been accomplished for the sake of God's love. Well done good and faithful servant!
With gratitude,
Fr. Rob

Friday Night at the Movies

What do you get when you mix Mel Brooks and the Old West?  Why, 1974's "Blazing Saddles" of course!  Join us on Friday, September 22, at 6:30PM for this broad and brilliant Western spoof. Considered, for its time, a revolutionary satire of race relations, the movie also neatly skewers social and genre stereotypes.  Clever dialogue abounds, Oscar-nominated Madeline Kahn channels Marlene Dietrich, vulgarity is well-placed, and the "fourth wall" is definitively and repeatedly broken.  Add to that a pie fight and wild sight gags, and the fun is complete!  As always, admission and refreshment are free, and the company is stellar.

The Plant Sale is this Weekend. Saturday is for the public (and you if you want to come). But Sunday between and after services we will be in the garden, under the pergola, with a great selection of plants. It is time to begin thinking about your fall garden.
Also the Garden Market will move to the Pergola for this Sunday.


Emmanuel Women's Retreat
October 13-15

Come join the women of Emmanuel at Verdugo Pines and learn from presentations by Episcopal Priest Karri Backer.

Radical Compassion:  Following the Spiritual Path of Jesus
Join us as we explore the invitation to love - to love God, ourselves, and others. 
While the Christian tradition has been good at teaching us that we should love, and developing theologies about love, we haven't been as good at teaching how to love when it is hard - when we are jealous, or angry, or are too emotionally tired to even consider moving into an area of love.  Or what to do when forgiveness seems slow in coming, and loving another who has hurt us seems impossible.  Through teachings, practices, and small group discussions we will explore one path toward compassion cultivation, and the healing that can come when we rest in God's compassion for us.

A priest in the Diocese of Los Angeles as well as a PhD candidate in Spiritual Formation, Karri Backer seeks to work with individuals and communities to engage in spaces of healing and transformation, primarily through practices of compassion.  She currently serves as the Interim Rector for St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Corona and previously served as the Director of Christian Formation at St. Andrew's in Fullerton.  Karri also works as a spiritual director and therapist, focusing on spiritually integrative psychotherapy.  Karri is scheduled to finish her dissertation in the winter of 2018 and looks forward to finding ways to use these practices in parish and diocesan work.  She lives in Claremont with her husband of 20 years, 15-year-old daughter, and three cats. 

What an awesome weekend at our Emmanuel Men's Retreat. Thanks be to God for all the good food, amazing friendships, and life-giving faith we shared.

I give thanks for Dan Notti's teaching, Ron Suich's coordination, all the participation from our guys, and the gift of new friendships with the men from St. Peter's.

We were fed in abundance, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even pancakingly.



September 16
9am until noon

September 17 at noon
SHACK room 

October 1, 2017

October 13-15
Verdugo Pines

Emmanuel Parking Lot
October 28

10am: Prayer & Thanks
10:30am: Bible Study
11am: Communion

7am  Prayers and Communion
8am Breakfast afterwards 

Saturdays at 9am in
Havermale Hall


First Wednesday/Month
7pm in the Church

Third Saturday/Month
9am to Noon
Under the Pergola

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