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November 2, 2017

Sunday we were reminded of the two great love God and one another. We were also reminded that this is an impossible task unless......unless we remember what 1 John 4:19 says...We love because God first loved us. It is only after experiencing God's love for us, after being filled up by God's love, that we have the fuel we need to love God back and to love the rest of humankind. If you didn't get one on Sunday, ask me for a prayer card with  Edwina Gately's meditation "Let Your God Love You" on it. 

With much love,
Mo. Lyn+


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Launching Song of the Month This Week

Lately I have been thinking that we need an infusion of new music for our Sunday worship. So starting in November we will be having a new song of the month. Each month, we will teach it and sing it for the first time on the first Sunday of the month and then on each of the other Sundays of that month we will use it somewhere in the service so that we all learn it really well. After that it will go into the regular rotation of songs and I will use it whenever it fits with the scriptures and theme for the day. These songs will consist of newer songs we have never used, songs that have been around for a while but we have never used, and songs that we have done at one time or another but haven't used in a long time.

Our first song, which we will teach on November 5, is Blessed Be Your Name. It was made popular by Matt Redman.  Hope you enjoy this new music adventure. Here is the link to November's new song on Youtube so that you can become familiar with it before the service on Sunday!: ;


Trunk or Treat a Success!

Trunk or Treat last Saturday was a huge success thanks to Nancy Shively, the preschool director, the preschool teachers and a number of people from the congregation. There were an estimated 200 people who attended, many of them new faces from the neighborhood and beyond. There were hotdogs, nachos, and chips, a baked goods table and games for the children. Deborah and Gene Cantwell had a tent complete with a Halloween themed backdrop where attendees could have their pictures taken. Later they could scan a business card Gene gave them, find their child's picture and print it out as a keepsake. Here is a small sampling of the pictures Gene took.
                 The Lomheim family had a great display in their trunk that included two mechanical dinosaurs.                            
At night this trunk glowed green and looked really spooky!

One of the happy families who joined us!

Recognize anyone? Ginger Cash was dressed as the old woman who shall wear purple, accompanied by her grandson Daniel Madrigal as her pet dog.

Her First Halloween!

This is Kitty and Chris Robinson's baby Alice all dressed up for her first Halloween. Isn't she a doll?


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