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November 23, 2017

It was a Sunday to be challenged! First, what a  blessing it was to hear Rev, Kathie MacKenzie's wonderful sermon on taking risks. It was a challenge and there was plenty of food for thought. Kathy Eppick encouraged us to take a risk in our pledges this year, as she recounted her journey from making a very small donation each week to a 10% tithe, at a time when finances for her were very tight. It was a thought provoking time!

With much love,
Mo. Lyn+


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Thanksgiving Wisdom

Family gatherings during the holidays can be wonderful. But they also can be quite stressful. There can be friction with some personalities that don't blend with ours. There may be old hurts that are simmering under the surface. Tension takes over our minds and hearts. Here is some wisdom about an antidote for it all from Julie J. Exine PhD. She believes that gratitude is what can help us through a challenging day, but she acknowledges that it is not always easy to obtain. 

"Gratitude isn't always so easy to access especially when we face difficult life experiences....For most of us, the sweet taste of gratitude can be hard to find in these sour situations. Nevertheless, even amidst the tangle of negative emotions we may struggle through in tough times, we may still find signs pointing toward the importance of gratitude. Many religious and spiritual writings promote thankfulness as well. For example, the Bible reminds readers that 'It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.' (Psalm 92:1) and Christians are exhorted to 'give thanks in all circumstances' (1 Thessalonians 5:18). 

These writings remind us that gratitude isn't simply a positive emotional state; it's also a virtue. In contrast to happy moods that come and go, virtues often yield their payoffs over the long haul. Here's the challenging part: In most cases, virtuous mindsets and behaviors don't just spring up naturally, in response to pleasant events. Instead they have to be cultivated, often through times of suffering and trial. Intense personal struggles can present a tough test of our character. Can we find reasons to be thankful even when facing circumstances that seem unbearably difficult?"

Taking these words of wisdom to heart then, Thanksgiving may provide an opportunity for us to cultivate the virtue of gratitude. When faced with a difficult person at the family gathering, why not focus on what is good about a person rather than what is wrong with them? Why not work hard to think of something good they have done in the past rather than focus on how they have hurt us. By doing so, we acknowledge that all of us are a combination of shadow and light. All of us have done things that we regret. But all, also, contain treasure in these earthen vessels. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to go treasure hunting, to find that hidden gold within the challenging person in our lives.  May you each have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday with those you love.

With much love,
   Mo. Lyn+


December Song of the Month

Ready for a new song? So am I! This month we have a song from one of my favorite places in all the earth...Ireland. This one is written by Robin Mark. We have done a number of his songs here at Emmanuel. He is a leading artist in the renewal movement in Ireland. This song is lively and has a catchy tune, one of those you will find yourself humming all day after you hear it. Here is a link so that you can hear it being performed by Robin Mark himself, That way you will know it already when we begin to use it the first Sunday in December!

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A beautiful picture of Robert and Beth Jahncke, members of the vestry and attendees of the 8:15 am service. They were in Hawaii celebrating Robert's birthday.


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