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January 11, 2018

This week we focused on the gift of baptism. Three questions helped us to ponder the meaning of baptism in our lives. They were:

1. When was the last time you thought about the fact that you are a baptized person?

2. When was the last time you asked yourself what difference being baptized is making in your life?

3. And when was the last time you thought about what difference being baptized should make in your life?

Some possible answers to those questions were offered and then we were reminded of  who we are; children of water and light, members of the family of God.

With much love,
Mo. Lyn+


Emmanuel News Bullets
Save the Date !!!
Bishop Diane is Coming

Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce will be making a visit to Emmanuel on February 4th. We will be having a single service at 9:00 am, followed by coffee hour. Part of the celebration will be the baptism of the Marquez family's baby Kiara! Then the bishop will be meeting with members of the parish leadership. Please mark your calendars now. We want to have a nice turn-out to bless Kiara in her life in Christ and to hear what Bishop Diane might share with us about our transition!

The Profile Committee Needs Your Help
The Profile Committee is attempting to gather artworks that tell your story at Emmanuel. Any art form that you would like to share (music, visual art, poetry, scriptures)  that tell your story at Emmanuel (whether you are the author/artist or not) please send those things to Kathy Eppick @ These will be added to our profile as we seek a new rector.


Garden News

Spring will soon be here which means that it is time to prune the grape vines. This is actually a fun job and goes very quickly if we have enough help. We will start at 9:00 this Saturday, January 13 under the pergola for coffee, bagels and instructions. Bring your clippers, gloves, hat, and remember to put on sun screen.

The Garden has acquired, on permanent loan, a heavy-duty chipper/shredder. So, January 13 is designated as Compost Day. It is our intention to empty and shred all the material in the compost bins as well as what has accumulated at the rear of the vineyard. This compost material, often referred to as black gold, is a very rich resource that we have been b uilding for years. It is time we began to use it. Come to prune and stay to shred!
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
The Vintner's Guild 

Photo of the Week
Say Happy Birthday in your prayers to Diane Coy's Mom, Janet, who will be celebrating her 101st birthday this Saturday. God is blessing her now!!!

10am: Prayer & Thanks
10:30am: Bible Study
11am: Communion

7am  Prayers and Communion
8am Breakfast afterwards 

Saturdays at 9am in
Havermale Hall


First Wednesday/Month
7pm in the Church

Third Saturday/Month
9am to Noon
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