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February 1, 2018

Remember last week when the sermon focused on going out into our community and finding those who are suffering and need our love? Well in this week's sermon, I shared the story of two people G od introduced me to, right here in Fullerton, while I was having my lunch. As I was taking my first bite I looked up to see a homeless man, bedraggled, dirty, and disheveled, with his nose pressed to the window of the restaurant watching me eat. And then I met a waitress, about 18 years old. When I reached in my purse to get some money so he could eat, she said "Oh he's spooky. He hangs out around here all the time. Don't worry about him," "But I think he's hungry, I want to give him something." I said. Two people who need us, I thought later. Of course the homeless man needs our love and care. But so does the 18 year old. We could share with her our way of looking at people with compassion. Maybe even introduce her to Jesus. 

This Sunday, the service was followed by a lovely coffee hour and then the Annual Meeting. We heard the year end treasurer's report and saw the budget for 2018. We then heard a report about the progress of the Profile Committee as they continue their work in the search for a new rector. We thanked the outgoing members of the vestry, Pross and Michael Bahinyoza, Terry and Bernice Lomheim, Sally Wurtenberg, Jane Shellhouse and Howard Minkley. And we anointed and prayed for our newest vestry members, Lynette Nyaggah, Nancy Kent, Loren Maxwell, and Kathy Eppick.  This was followed by the traditional gathering of our gratitude for all the ways we saw God at work in our midst in 2017. Then we collected the visions the Spirit has given us for the future. It was a wonderful day. Thank you to everyone who contributed to it. This truly is an amazing community of faith!

With much love and gratitude for you,

Mo. Lyn+


Emmanuel News Bullets
I'm Getting Baptized!
Please come and pray for me. 
This Sunday - Single service at 9:00 am

Bishop Diane Bruce will be here this Sunday for a visit and to baptize Kiara Marquez, who is one of the happiest babies I have ever met!!! Let's fill the church to overflowing to pray for Kiara's life in Christ and to give a warm Emmanuel welcome to 
Bishop Diane. The Bishop will have time to visit with all of you at the coffee hour and then will go on to a luncheon meeting with the vestry. Be sure to take the opportunity to meet her. She is warm, friendly, and actually very, funny! And for those of you from New Jersey, (and you know who I mean) she tawks just like you!!!

Taize Next Wednesday 7 pm!
Come welcome visitors from Hope International University.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a form of worship that began in Taize, in the south of Burgandy, France, at the home of an international ecumenical community founded there in 1941 by Brother Roger. Today the community is made up of over a hundred brothers, both Catholic and Protestant, from more than twenty-five nations. Their spiritual practice together, a pattern of song, scripture, inspirational reading, silence, and prayer is now practiced all over the world. And this month we welcome members of a class from Hope International University along with their professor. They are coming to see what Taize is all about. Come and join us!

Happy Birthday Irene!
This Friday, February 1st, Irene Fisher celebrates her 85th birthday. If you have a moment, she would love to receive a card from her Emmanuel Community. She is now living at:

Fullerton Gardens
1510 E. Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton CA 92831

Photo of the Week
The Barajas family, Edgar, Julie, Eric, and Ellie, spending some quality family time together. 

10am: Prayer & Thanks
10:30am: Bible Study
11am: Communion

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Saturdays at 9am in
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Third Saturday/Month
9am to Noon
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