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March 22, 2018

This Sunday we focused on Jesus' words in John's gospel. He said "...unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit." The primary meaning of this passage is the allusion Jesus is making about his own upcoming death. And we explored how much the disciples resisted learning this truth. But we also pondered the fact that there is another layer of meaning available to us, a spiritual truth which is hidden in the story. We looked at the human tendency to hang on and not let things die. And we wondered together about our own lives and asked ourselves the question...What in my life do I need to let go of, because hanging on to it might destroy my life or prevent me from growing emotionally or spiritually? 

We looked at a number of famous businesses. All of them refused to let go of the old ways of doing things and as a result suffered bankruptcy. And what about our cellphones, ipads, emails and texts? We allow messages on them to collect until there is no room for more messages. What have we allowed to collect in our lives that prevents new "messages" from God to get in? Then there is all the stuff we accumulate. How about letting some of that go? And what about the emotions that clutter our minds and hearts, feelings like anger or resentment.? Many of us are clinging to the past, to the way we've always done it. Or we hang on to a chapter of our lives long after it's time is done. And most difficult of all are the times when we are called to let go of people and we hang on for dear life. Sometimes, even at the time of their death, we try to keep people alive and prevent them from experiencing new life in the kingdom of heaven. Finally this leads us to the present. We have reached a time in the life of Emmanuel when we are faced with letting go of life as we have known it so that Emmanuel can rise again with new life. As difficult as it is, we have to let go of the past to let go of this chapter, so that together , the people of Emmanuel can enjoy the excitement, the exhilaration, of new life and fresh fruit.

I love you all,
Mo. Lyn+


Emmanuel News Bullets

Reach Out To Our Favorite Army Guy!
A Card, a Letter, a Care Package Perhaps?

This is Sven Jenson, son of Karen and Chris Jenson who come to the 8:15 am service, and brother to Kitty Robinson who comes with husband Christopher and baby Alice to the  10:00 am service. When I see pictures of Sven commanding a herd of tanks, (what do you call a whole passel of tanks anyway?) I can hardly believe it. Just the other day, he and Kitty were our awesome acolytes, They were so cute. And now Sven is a Captain in the Army in Syria. 

He is in an area that is under the "protection" of a Kurdish militia group (they've been fighting ISIS, & cleared them out of their town, but the Syrian government may soon become a threat -- they don't like Kurds).  He has met with their commander a couple of times and feels very positive about the man.  These Kurds have drive and determination, as they face Turkish tanks with their pick-up trucks.

The common Kurdish people are very happy to have US forces there.  As our Army drives through an area, the people are smiling and waving and flash the "V" for Victory sign.  They truly look on the US military as saviors for helping them get rid of ISIS and keeping Bashar Assad's forces out  of the area.  They have told Sven of at least two atrocities committed by ISIS that we have never heard of, but were both horrible, blood thirsty attacks on innocent people.

Captain Sven is now in command of the perimeter defense for the largest Air Force Base in Syria.  His men are also the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) for any "event" (attack) within a certain proximity of the base, or on the base itself.  About 90% of all the supplies that are flown in go to the Kurds.  Another reason the locals want to keep us safe.

Captain Sven's days are very long.  Up at 5 or 6 am and out the door, uh... tent... for a run, then in to work.  He usually gets back to the tent about 12:30  or 1 am and is back at it the next morning.  Seven days a week.  "Home" is a canvas tent he shares with 11 others.  There are no walls, and no privacy.  

They have NOTHING on this base, so if you're willing to pay for over-seas shipping -- Quest Bars (all flavors) are VERY welcome, as are Cup 'O Noodles, instant oatmeal, dried fruit, nuts, etc.; and Flaming Hot Cheetos make great "packing peanuts!!" 

You will need to attach a "Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note -- CP 72" form  (I think the clerks have them & you have to ask); and, if you use a Large, Flat Rate box you can send ANY weight for $17.40.

CPT Sven Jenson
A / 1-35 AR
APO AE 09314

Use this one to send letters or packages -- and, keep in mind, it'll take 3 weeks or more for items to arrive to Sven's base.

Thank you! He will be so thrilled to hear from you!!!

I'll Be Out of Town!
Temporary Prayer Chain Change

Hello All,
I will be out of town March 23-April 1.
Please email prayer requests to Anne Snyder at or 
call/text 714-746-3571.
You may also call the church office: 714-879-8070
Many blessings,
Jen Wagner


Movie Night!
This Friday March 23rd, 6:30 pm in the SHACK room

Get ready! Here comes one of Projectionist Extraordinaire Gene Cantwell's favorite movies! On Friday, March 23, 6:30PM, Emmanuel Movie Night presents 1989's "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". Bill (comedian Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) are two present-day metalhead school slackers who will eventually become the inspirational 'Great Ones', changing the human race into a peaceful utopian society--through their music! But if they don't pass their history class, Ted will get shipped off to military academy and this future will never happen. Enter time traveler Rufus (George Carlin) to assist the bumbling duo in passing their final history test/exam. T his beguiling grab-bag of time-travel clich├ęs, hard-rock music and Valley-speaking cool dudes is a flawless, purpose-built cult classic.  As always, admission and snacks are free, and the company is stellar!

Emmanuel Episcopal Preschool Paint Nite

April 7th 7:00 pm in Edwards Hall

We had so much fun we are doing it again!!! 

At paint nite a local artist will assist and inspire us all while we socialize, sip wine and eat snacks for a great cause. We'll end up painting fond memories and a priceless masterpiece. 
No art experience necessary! 
To register go to

Photos of the Week
Our Guitarists

We are so grateful for our guitarists at the 10:00 am service, Nancy Shively, Karen Carr, and Carolyn Cardamis. How blessed we are to have such talented people supporting us in our worship. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them!
10am: Prayer & Thanks
10:30am: Bible Study
11am: Communion

7am  Prayers and Communion
8am Breakfast afterwards 

Saturdays at 9am in
Havermale Hall


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