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April 19, 2018

This week we pondered the fact that this Sunday's gospel was Luke's version of the same story we heard last Sunday from John. Then we looked at the differences and wondered together what God might be saying to us in this repetition. Was there a message for us, the people of Emmanuel? We realized that in some ways we are like those frightened, huddled, disciples whose numbers have dwindled. And we, like them have lost our leader. And so Jesus comes to them and to us in the midst of our fears and says "Peace be with you." And Oh, by the way, your ministry is going to grow again and you are to share with the whole world, or at least those in your world, two things. Remind them that, whenever they find themselves off track, to turn their lives around, and also that they have a merciful God and they are forgiven. And don't you dare try to do this without the help of the Holy Spirit!

Then we decided that often the best way to do this is not by standing on the street corner handing out tracts, but by being prepared to share bits and pieces of our story with people when the opportunity presents itself. We can get ready for this by asking ourselves questions like, What difference has the risen Christ made in my life? What is the unique way that I get guidance from Jesus when I need it? How do I live my life differently because I am a part of the Jesus movement? Who in my life needs to hear that there is a different way to live? 

Finally we were encouraged by the words of author Minerva Carcano..."We are Jesus' witnesses and those who need to receive our witness is the entire human family."

With great love and dreams for this community,

Mo. Lyn+

P.S. We had three more newcomers this Sunday! Please come be a part of the warm welcome. It seems as though the Holy Spirit is working hard to build up our community right now!


Emmanuel News Bullets

Faces of Fullerton

We had a wonderful time working with the visitors to the Emmanuel Church/Preschool booth at the annual Faces of Fullerton event. Our thanks to Nancy Shively who coordinated the craft activity and the preschool part of the booth.

And our thanks as well to George Edwards who coordinated the church's part of the booth!

Mo. Lyn spent the day having fun with the kids who came to take part in the craft activity. See the photo of the week below for the fruits of our labor!


Movie Night

"Let us now praise famous men...."

Friday, April 27, at 6:30PM, 

Emmanuel Movie Night presents Best Actor winner Eddie Redmayne as Professor Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything". The timeline covers Hawking's life from college and the beginning of his physical challenges, to his celebrity as author of "A Brief History of Time". Adapted from wife Jane Hawking's own memoir, this beautifully realized film is by turns insightful, romantic, charming, tragic and triumphant. T
The relationship between "intelligent atheist" Stephen and his deeply Anglican wife Jane gives a very human dynamic to his world of quantum physics and relativity. As always, admission and refreshments are free, and the company is stellar!
Photo of the Week

Our 3-D "Our Town" Sculpture
Created by visitors to the Emmanuel Church and Preschool booth at the Faces of Fullerton event last Saturday.
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