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May 10, 2018

In the gospel this past Sunday, Jesus, as he was approaching the time of his death, continued sharing with his disciples about abiding. Whenever Jesus repeats a concept, we, as his modern day disciples, would do well to pay attention! And then Jesus went on to share with them and with us, what he said was "my commandment". Only one. Again,  we better pay attention. "Love one another as I have loved you", he said. Tall order. Especially when you are eyeball to eyeball with someone who is cantankerous, obnoxious, difficult, unlovely, and unloveable.  It's a challenging commandment to follow. In fact if we try it on our own it is impossible. 

The way it is remotely possible, the way we have a chance of fulfilling Jesus' one and only commandment is to abide. The truth is that we need his love first before we can love. With the love we absorb from abiding, we can love the unlovable, those we don't like, those we don't agree with, those who have hurt us, those the world rejects. This kind of love is called agape love. The goal of agape love is to give not to get. The ability to share agape love is the direct result of experiencing agape love. 

We heard the story of Pee Wee Reese, a Southern white man,  and the way his agape love saved the career of Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play Major League baseball.

And then we heard the legend of a rabbi who begged God to see both heaven and hell. God answered his prayer. First he was shown a banquet hall with people all around a long table in the middle of which was a steaming bowl of food. Each person was holding a very long- handled spoon. Despite the presence of a huge bowl of food, the diners were all shrieking with hunger. The handles on the spoons were too long and their arms were too short. They could not feed themselves. They all cursed God who had created this torture, And they starved while the bowl of food lay before them. The rabbi realized that the shriekings were the cries of hell. Then the door closed. 

The rabbi closed his eyes, prayed, and begged to be taken away from this terrible place. When he opened his eyes he was in front of the same door. He saw the same room, the same table, the same bowl of food, the same people, and the same spoons. But there was no shrieking. The cries and curses had become words of blessing. The people were giving thanks to God for giving them such joy. With the same long spoons they were feeding each other. The rabbi thanked God for showing him the nature of heaven and hell and what a hairsbreadth distance there was between the two. 

Blessings and prayers for our ministries to others,

Mo. Lyn+ 

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Emmanuel Memorial Walkway-Read About the Good News! 

We are going to upgrade our patio, walkways and fountain areas. Embedded in the patio will be memorial bricks which members and past members of the church and preschool will be invited to purchase. Memorials can commemorate a special person or event, a family, military service, a pet....etc. etc. etc. The options are limitless with logos available as well. Good news! We have already received an anonymous donation that will pay for the fountain. God is good! More information is upcoming including the how tos and the price. Watch your mailbox, the Epistle, and the Blurb!!!

Photo of the Week

Visiting Janet!

 Two of our amazing Lay Eucharistic Visitors, Lyla Merrell and Jen Wagner,  took Eucharist this week to Janet Chism, one of our long-time members.They took this wonderful picture of the occasion. We are so grateful to Lyla and Jen for their ministry to our shut-ins. And so grateful for Janet, whose faith and love for prayer, singing, and the Eucharist has inspired us for so many years. 
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