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May 17, 2018

Sunday was Mother's Day. And so we celebrated mothers and motherhood in general. We all admitted that motherhood is not easy, in fact it's downright challenging. We mothers try our best but sometimes we miss the mark a bit. Sometimes we overfunction like the mother of James and John in Matthew 20, who asked Jesus to let them sit at his right hand and his left in his kingdom! Talk about over-functioning!!!! Sometimes we get it right like the persistent widow in Luke 18. I'm convinced that she was persistent with the judge because she needed to win her lawsuit in order to keep a roof over the heads and food on the plates of her children. 

Whether we had ideal Moms or not, and whether we were ideal Moms all the time or not, there are words of hope from Julian of Norwich, a saint whom we celebrated on May 8. Julian is the first woman to write a book in English and in it she recounted 16 visions she had of Christ. She lived, by the way, from 1342-1416. Her book is called Revelations of Divine Love and in it she celebrated an image of Jesus that was centuries ahead of its time...Jesus as our Mother. 

She said that we owe our being to him and he lovingly protects us. This, said Julian,  is the essence of motherhood. And she said, just as a mother provides nourishment with her own milk to her child, our Mother Jesus feeds us with himself with the holy sacrament of Eucharist.

So the truth is that all the while some of us may have had a mother who failed us or all the while some of us failed our children, we had a mystical mother, Jesus who was mothering and filling in the gap. And we heard his mother's prayer for us in Sunday's gospel. It is called Jesus' high priestly prayer. He prayed it at the Last Supper. And in it he prays for his disciples and for us. Listen to some of what he prayed: 

They were yours and you gave them to me.

The words you gave me I gave to them.

While I was with them I protected them, I guarded them.

And now Father protect them from the evil one. 

My mother's heart recognized those prayers as prayers I have prayed for my own two children. I know my girls are yours God and you asked me to raise them for you. I 
did my best to share with them the words I learned in church, and the words I heard from your heart. I did my best to take care of them and to protect them from harm. And when they are away from me, please protect them and keep them from both physical and spiritual danger. Those were my prayers for my daughters. 

Doesn't it do your heart good to know that Jesus, our Mother, is praying those things for us? 

I love you all!

Mo. Lyn+ 

Emmanuel News Bullets

This Sunday is Pentecost!!!

Don't forget to wear your red!

Remember the year Suzanne Kaisch wore this for Pentecost?

Pentecost Suzanne

Go ahead be wild!! Express yourself!!! Wear your red, in whatever form. Red golf pants? Red hat? We are celebrating the birthday of the church and the sending of the Holy Spirit. !!! Wahoo!!!

I'm So Sorry to Tell You

Jeff Gurzi, nephew of Diane Coy and a long time member of Emmanuel, died suddenly this week. Jeff, was the owner of Specialized Painting Company in Brea. I called him our "Paint Angel". If Jeff drove down Valencia Mesa and noticed that the paint on the church was looking tired, he would stop into the office and say that it was time to repaint. And then he would assign some of his painters to come by and do it at his expense. The last project he did for us was painting the cross on top of the church above the cupola and the one behind the fountain on the patio. It was an amazing gift. Jeff was an accomplished poet and singer-songwriter. His Memorial Eucharist will be this Friday at 2:00 pm at Emmanuel with private burial to follow. Everyone is invited to the celebration of his life. I am sorry that I don't have a more recent picture of him. This is from our directory a number of years ago. 

Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord; And let light perpetual shine upon him.

Photo of the Week

Congratulations Emma!

Emma Kremer, one of Emmanuel's wonderful young people, won a Gold Medal and earned a Command Performance at the OMEA State Solo Festival (California Music Educator's Association). She sang Twisted and Finding Wonderland. She has an amazing voice!!! And isn't she beautiful? She's beautiful both inside and out!
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