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June 21, 2018

This Sunday's Gospel was all about seeds. Jesus used the image of seeds in two parables to speak to his disciples about their ministry. It was no secret that they were a bit disappointed in the way it was unfolding. They were hoping for something big, hoping he would organize people, create a movement, drive out the Romans, make Israel great again. But they were disappointed. And Jesus knew it. He knew that they wanted more than what he was giving them. But he also knew there was more going on than they realized. And so he encouraged them with these two parables, about seeds.

Scattering seed can be ho-hum unless you have the ability to imagine what they will become. With seeds you have to be able to have eyes to see what is not yet visible, to imagine the beauty of the flowers to come, or the juiciness of the fruit that will soon be. Scattering seed calls us to see what will be instead of merely what is. Jesus calls us to see the growth of God's kingdom in our midst before it happens. The ministry that is happening right here and right now at Emmanuel is like the seed that sprouts in the crevice of a great rock, Jesus says. The seed doesn't look like much but it has power. It puts its roots down between the sides of the crevice and it begins to push and pretty soon it splits the rock. The Kingdom of God right here at Emmanuel has power like that, Jesus says. 

And that growth will happen the same way it happens to the mustard seed. One moment life is going on as usual and then almost overnight the hills are covered with plants that no human hand planted or watered or fertilized or weeded. How does it happen? The growth comes from a mysterious source and it happens so slowly that we can hardly see it happening. And we all know what that mysterious source is. We can depend on God bringing about the Kingdom here at Emmanuel as sure as we can depend on the seed sprouting and growing into a bush that is 10 - 12 feet tall. From small beginnings comes a great future. All we have to do is to envision it. 

Our worship, our spiritual practices, our prayers, our ministries might not seem that significant. But by them we connect our hearts with the source of the power that will take this little seed that is Emmanuel and cause it to grow into a mighty tree. That is our destiny! Can you see it?

With much love, 

Mo. Lyn+ 

Emmanuel News Bullets


New Ministries

We have some pretty big shoes to fill since Jen Wagner, our Pastoral Care Coordinator is moving to North Carolina. She also did our Prayer Chain and Prayer Letter as well as our Care Card ministry. In fact it is taking four people to fill those shoes! We are so very grateful that four wonderful, prayerful, compassionate, people have said yes to God's call. They are:

Jan Zonne - Pastoral Care Coordinator

Cathie Crosby - Prayer Letter

Barbara Babcock - Prayer Chain

Nancy Kent - Care Cards

Thank you to all four of you. I know we will all be blessed by your ministries.
Movie Night

Hi all you movie buffs! Join us tomorrow night June 22 at 6:30 pm in the SHACK for the 1952, 4-time Oscar winner High Noon. This compelling tale of human nature, loyalty and betrayal brings thematic depth to a classic Western story. Best actor Gary Cooper plays the lead role of Sheriff Will Kane. As always, admission and refreshments are free, and the company is stellar!
Look! Another Graduate!

Congratulations to Faith Marquez who was promoted from 6th grade. She made the Principal's Honor Roll and finished 6th grade with all A's!!! We are so proud of you Faith.

If you know of any other graduates, email me their picture and some information and I will put them in the Blurb!
New Email Addresses

Descending Dove
AT&T switched our account over to a Uverse account on 5/22/18 which resulted in the loss of the email accounts. Effective immediately, the new email addresses are:

Bookkeeper Dave Dunlap -

Parish Administrator Kathy Peters -

We apologize for the inconvenience!


It's This Saturday!!!!

The Episcopal Church will be represented in the OC Pride Parade

When: Saturday, June 23rd
Where: downtown Santa Ana / Main Street

Worship: Eucharist will be held at the Church of the Messiah 614 N Bush St in Santa Ana. Eucharist will begin at 9:00 a.m.

We will be graced with the presence of our diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. John Taylor - excited to welcome him to celebrate with us! We hear he will also be riding on a convertible in the parade!

The parade: Our marching contingent will walk to our step-off place after worship. We'll have ribbon banners, parish signs, and a big wide Episcopal Church banner to carry in the parade. Parade march begins approx at 10:30 am.

Booth: Just like last year, the Episcopal Church will be represented at a booth at the festival. There will be banners, flyers, and distribution of rainbow cross necklaces. 
Photo of the Week

Roses in the Community Garden

Beth Jahncke took this wonderful photo of the roses in bloom under the pergola in the Community Garden. We are hoping they last until this Saturday at 1:00 pm when we will celebrate the renewal of Rich and Lynda Bronzellino's wedding vows for their 30th anniversary. Everyone is invited!
10am: Prayer & Thanks
10:30am: Bible Study
11am: Communion

7am  Prayers and Communion
8am Breakfast afterwards 

Saturdays at 9am in
Havermale Hall


First Wednesday/Month
7pm in the Church

Third Saturday/Month
9am to Noon
Under the Pergola

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