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June 28, 2018

This Sunday we had the joy of hearing Rev. Kathy MacKenzie preach about the gospel story from Mark about the stilling of the storm. She set the scene for us in a very powerful way, describing the Sea of Galilee, the elevation, its depth, the mountains around it, the winds that frequently come up in the area. and comparing those winds to our Santa Anas. And she reminded us all of the fact that Jesus decided to go on this journey at night, with no GPS, no ship to shore communication, not even any lights on the shore to direct them. I think we all understood, more completely, the terror the disciples felt while Jesus slept after a long hard day of ministry. (I can relate to that.) And so their question, "Do you not care?" is completely understandable. It is often our question of God when life gets frightening and chaotic and we feel out of control. Kathy also addressed Mark's desire that we understand that Jesus was not just an amazing teacher or prophet. He was God incarnate. He had the power over the wind and the sea. In this story Mark revealed the answer to their question "Who then is this?" 

And so Rev. Kathy launched us off into a new week reassured that Jesus does care and that he is God incarnate, the One who has power over everything that is.

With much love, 

Mo. Lyn+ 

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Father Rob's Garden

Troop 1999 combined troop of Brownies and Girl Scouts planted this beautiful flower garden beneath the Celtic Cross on our front lawn to honor our beloved Rector Emeritus Fr. Rob Bethancourt. Thank you Scouts. 
We love it!

Movie Night
Family Fun Friday
Look! Another Graduate!

Congratulations to Autumn Nick who was promoted recently from 8th grade. She was the keynote speaker at her graduation ceremony. She will be going to Valencia High School next year and has been accepted into the ValTec program. Another Emmanuel Superstar! We are so proud of you Autumn.

If you know of any other graduates, email me their picture and some information and I will put them in the Blurb!

Thank You Everyone!


Your cross making, marching in the parade, and working the Episcopal booth at the Pride Festival last Saturday, made a difference. Here is a story shared by the mother of a teenager that is an example of the miracle of love that was shared at the booth. 

"My teenage daughter had recently revealed to us that she is gay. She wanted to go to the Pride Festival though she did not know what to expect and felt really depressed because of pressure from non-affirming Christian teens. She went to the festival and visited the booths. At the Episcopal booth someone approached her (it was the Rev. Kay Sylvester from St. Paul's Episcopal in Tustin) , looked her in the eyes and affirmed God's love for her just as she is. They gave her a necklace with a cross and rainbow beads on it and she hasn't taken it off since she received it." 

Today there is a teenager (and probably many more people) who feel God's love because our community reached out. Thank you for being ambassadors for Christ. 

Getting ready for the parade.

Episcopalians from throughout the diocese marching in the parade

Bishop John Taylor riding in the parade.

Our Bishop

The Episcopal booth where miracles of love happened.
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Photo of the Week

Rich and Lynda's Renewal of Vows

What a beautiful day we had as we celebrated Rich and Lynda Bronzellino's 30th wedding anniversary with the renewal of their vows. After the traditional prayers, Rich and Lynda each shared words they had written for one another. To say they were deeply moving is an understatement. We are so inspired and grateful for the way Lynda and Rich are living out the sacrament of their marriage.
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