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July 5, 2018

You'll be happy to know that last Sunday's sermon was good news! And the good news is that it is in keeping with science and reason to believe in miracles. We don't have to check our brains in at the door to believe in them. We reviewed the problems that the church has had with science and reason throughout the centuries. There was Copernicus saying that despite what the Bible and the church said about it, the earth is not the center of the universe but the sun is. Galileo was called a heretic during the Inquisition for teaching and writing about this. Then, because of the philosopher Nietzsche's teaching that science and reason ruled out the possibility of a belief in God, we had the God is Dead movement of the 1950's and 1960's. Subsequently, the belief in mystery was minimalized, and scripture was scrutinized. This led to the Jesus Seminar in the 1980's in which the words of Jesus in scripture were challenged. Last Sunday's gospel is a challenge to some Christians because it contains the stories of two miracles. Some people in the church still insist that the only way these stories can be understood is symbolically, because the natural laws of science say they are not possible.

The good news is that they are basing their beliefs on Newtonian physics and not on newer scientific discoveries that are fully accepted in the world of scholarship today. These newer discoveries are found in the laws of quantum mechanics also called quantum physics. This science looks at the level of atomic and subatomic particles. And some of those discoveries are mind blowing. I won't go into them all here but some of these newer understandings include the fact that at the subatomic level something doesn't exist until someone observes it, that light can act as either a wave or a particle, that objects exist in a haze of possibilities and are unpredictable, that living things emit energy and can be seen and measured as small particles of light. (Remember Jesus saying "You are the light of the world"?) Also, in all of space there are a great variety of vibrating energy fields and that multiple particles when linked together can influence one another even if they are billions of miles apart. American Nobel Laureate in physics Murray Gell-Mann says that in any given moment there are a vast number of possibilities that nature chooses from (he was a classmate of our own Al Perry, who, by the way, is also brilliant!) So how do you think knowing all this might change or bolster your prayer life? Quantum physics doesn't prove what we believe about miracles, but it tells us that the world isn't exactly as it seems and that rational logical thought doesn't completely explain everything that happens in the universe. Because of quantum physics, there is certainly room for the possibility of miracles. 

It follows that each situation in our lives that presents a challenge to us has multiple possible outcomes. Just because someone tell us it will turn out a certain way, just because we tell ourselves it will turn out a certain way, as the song says "It ain't necessarily so."And with our prayer, the laying on of hands, and our focus, moving the energy that science now tells us we emit and that surrounds us, miracles can happen! 

See? I told you I had good news for you!

With much love, 

Mo. Lyn+ 

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Hope You Had a Happy Fourth of July!

We may have our challenges but we live in a wonderful country. Just the fact that we have the freedom to disagree about how our government should be run and to speak in public about it without fear of losing our lives, is an immense blessing. 
We give thanks for all those who gave their lives so that we could experience this freedom.


Look! Two More Graduates!

Joe and Jacob Edmonds graduated with honors from Parkview School in Placentia-Yorba Linda District. They have been homeschooled there since 
first grade. They look forward to studying music in the future.

If you know of any other graduates, email me their picture and some information and I will put them in the Blurb!

Proud to Be an Episcopalian!


Our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry recently met backstage with U2 and Bono to talk about reclaiming Jesus. 

"I know of no other group that has sung and witnessed more powerfully to the way of love than U2," Curry said. "It was a real blessing to sit with them to talk about Jesus, the way of love, and changing our lives and the world. They are an extraordinary community gift to us all.
Photo of the Week

Look What We Got!

This is our new outdoor movie screen. We used it for the first time Friday night for our Family Fun Fridays. We had hot dogs, which we cooked over a bonfire, salads, chips, watermelon, popcorn, and assorted chocolate bars as well as beverages. It was like going to the drive in movie. Join us for the next one on August 3rd. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on and a jacket for later in the evening. 
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