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October 11 , 2018

The Blessing of the Animals last Saturday was beyond wonderful. The front lawn was filled with people and animals. At least half of those attending were new to Emmanuel. What a wonderful outreach to our neighbors! There were four horses (one was a miniature horse). There was Melody the boa constrictor, Hamsky the hamster who was afraid to come out of his Habitrail to be blessed. There was a tiny one inch tree frog. The Covers found him on their Christmas tree when they brought it in from the tree lot. This Christmas it will be three years since he chose to come live with them. There were more dogs than I can count. Each animal received a St Francis medal with either a pink or blue ribbon depending on their gender. And yes, you can tell the gender of the boa constrictor and the tree  frog ! My gratitude to Howard Minkley who set up the pop up tent and chairs, Lynda and Rich Bronzelino who provided music, and Gene Cantwell who captured it all on camera. I have included a number of the pictures below. Enjoy!!!

Much love,

Mo. Lyn+


The Blessing of the Animals Was Amazing!

Meet Melody the boa constrictor. After I blessed her she snuggled up under my stole!

Then I blessed a Christian horse. If you don't believe me check out her bridle.

And then I blessed a tree frog. Yes it is a he, and yes, you can tell!

There were puppies big and small and a good time was had by all!

_ A Wonderful Way to Remember Someone You Love!

Wouldn't You Love to See Your Name or That of a loved One on One of  Our Bricks?

This is a brick for Gordon Dickinson's first wife Sheila, who was a member of Emmanuel. It is a lovely way for her to be remembered. Gordon included the dates of her birth and death on the brick. We are hoping these bricks give you inspiration for a brick or bricks of your own.
Photo of the Week

We were blessed to have Rich and Lynda Bronzelino provide music for the Blessing of the Animals. Everyone enjoyed it so much!
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