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November 1 , 2018

What a great week we had at Emmanuel! Friday night was movie night and the SHACK room was packed for the movie Coco. If you have not seen it, you must! The color and animation are amazing. But the best part is the story. It helps those of us from a different culture, to understand the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos. It is all about remembering our loved ones after they are gone. It really touched me deeply and on the way home that night I brought each of my loved ones who have died to mind and said to them "I remember you." It was a wonderful holy time for me. 

Then the next night we had Trunk or Treat. What a joy to meet so many people that I didn't know! And the trunks were outstanding. Some of them are in the photos below. One of my favorites was the Dia de Los Muertos trunk which was a reminder of the movie we had all seen the night before. The family who had decorated it explained to me that the tradition comes from the south of Mexico around Mexico City. Another favorite was Kathy Eppick's orange Prius decorated to look like a pumpkin. When the kids reached into the trunk to retrieve a treat it looked like they were being swallowed by the pumpkin. And then there was the Nick's fortune telling car. They had their bowl of goodies set on the ground at the foot of the trunk. When you reached out for one, an arm came out from under the floorboard of the trunk (It was Hunter, one of the Nick boys) and grabbed you. There were so many more wonderful trunks and costumes. The mad Scott, the dinosaur trunk, the trunk welcoming the Great Pumpkin. You just had to be there. I worked in the food both most of the night figuring that was the place where, eventually, I would meet everyone. It was a blast. Mark it on your calendar for next year. It is a must!!!

In gratitude,

Mo. Lyn+

An Opportunity to Love Your Neighbor!

Thom's car packed with tomato sauce  (above) 
and pasta (below) for Pastathon last year.

For the last four years, Thom Babcock (an early service attendee) and his granddaughter Allyssa have sought donations for Caterina's Club, which feeds more than 3500 motel children a hot meal every weekday in more than 19 cities throughout Southern California. Last year Thom and Allyssa raised $300 in cash and checks in addition to almost 2700 pounds (that's almost a ton and a half!) of pasta and sauce and were amazed at the generosity of all those who helped them surpass their goal of 2500 pounds. Keep in mind that each pound of pasta feeds 7 kids!!! This year their goal is 3,000 pounds of pasta and sauce. Anything you would like to contribute would be greatly appreciated. Pasta and sauce are their main objective but checks and cash can be used to purchase those items as the pasta and sauce is purchased wholesale. Here is how much buying power there is in $100: 

$10 = 17 pounds
$20 = 34 pounds
$50 = 85 pounds
$100 = 90 pounds of spaghetti and 80 pounds of sauce 

Total cash needed to reach the 3,000 pound goal is $1800. Any amount will help them towards their goal. 

If you have items that need to be picked up call     714-272-7647.
The website of the
organization is
 Let's help Thom and Alyssa reach their personal goal. Make checks 
payable to Thom Babcock with Caterina's Club in the memo. Thom will provide you with a receipt for your taxes. 
Daylight Savings Time Ends!
Fall Back!
Don't forget to set your clocks back this Saturday night. It means and extra hour of sleep! If you forget you will have an hour of silent meditation in the church Sunday morning!!!!
Trunk or Treat
A Huge Success!!!!!

Here are just a few of Gene Cantwell's pictures of the amazing evening of fun in Emmanuel's parking lot. There were even more folks this year than last year. A big thank you to Doug and Nancy Shively, and Hans and Lisa Seggelke and the Preschool staff for coordinating this wonderful event!

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Seen at Emmanuel's Trunk or Treat. Who is it?
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