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November 22 , 2018

Today, I am feeling so very grateful for the wonderful little moments of blessing that happen in the lives of the people of Emmanuel. One of the things I love about Emmanuel people is that we are really good at telling our stories. And I love to hear them! I remember when I first arrived at Emmanuel's doorstep, I was struck by the sense that I was hearing the further Acts of the Apostles being lived out right here at our church! One of the stories that touches those of us in the Tuesday morning group is Doris Knape's love for her great grandchild Grayson. She never misses a week of asking for prayers for him. Her devotion to him is deeply moving. Her love looks alot like God's love. Here she is delighted about her beloved Grayson. Just imagine that each of us is adored in the same way by the One who created us!!!

In gratitude,

Mo. Lyn+

Happy Thanksgiving!

To Clergy and Lay Leaders of the Diocese

Helping those affected by disastrous wildfire

The bishops and diocesan disaster response task force invite you and your congregations to share in helping those who have suffered losses in the raging brush fires. Please consider including the following information during announcement time in your Sunday services.

It is easy and efficient to donate online to the Diocesan Fire and Mudslide Fund via the website www.edlagives.org.   Also, checks made payable to the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles may be mailed to 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026. Disbursement of funds is guided by prioritizing greatest need among low-income and otherwise vulnerable recipients who might not otherwise find assistance.

Also, local congregations may have in attendance at Sunday services individuals and families who have been displaced and suffered losses amid the fire disaster. Help may be needed in securing temporary housing and other services. Especially sensitive, effective and professional pastoral and practical care is encouraged in these contexts.

Additional information about the diocesan disaster response task force may be requested from the Very Rev. Canon Michael Bamberger, chair, and rector of Church of the Ascension, Sierra Madre, email:mab@ascension-sierramadre.com.

Thank you for your consideration and care as together we work in serving Christ by feeding hungry hearts.


Ideas for Early Christmas Shopping!\
Buy Everyone a Gift Card and Support the Preschool 
at the Same Time


Emmanuel Path of Faith, Love, and Memories

Did you notice the name change? We want everyone to be aware that a person can be remembered with a brick to commemorate a moment in their life of faith, or as a sign of your love for them as well as to celebrate a life well lived. (My daughter is giving one for each of her boys who were baptized at Emmanuel. Another person is doing a brick to commemorate the discovery of her gift as an artist while here at Emmanuel)! Don't be afraid to be creative with this!

Order forms are on the wooden stands just inside the church doors. Or call the office at (714) 879-8070

Change of Date for Movie Night!
Because of Thanksgiving, Movie Night has been changed to November 30th at 6:30 pm in the SHACK room.

Based on the life of Bart Millard, the lead singer of the Christian group MercyMe, this movie is a gripping reminder of the power of forgiveness. It illustrates that no one is ever too far from God's love. Come join us!

Photos of the Week

Last Saturday, our delegates to convention, Ronnie Moore, Ted Jones, and Lynda Bronzellino (Kathy Eppick was unable to attend) and our alternate, Joy Jones attended the pre-convention meeting for Deaneries 9 and 10. Here, Ted takes the mike to ask a question about the budget. With gratitude for their willingness to represent us at convention November 30 - December 1!
10am: Prayer & Thanks
10:30am: Bible Study
11am: Communion

7am  Prayers and Communion
8am Breakfast afterwards 

8:30 am Tai Chi in the Garden 
(under the pergola )

Saturdays at 9am in
Havermale Hall


First Wednesday/Month
7pm in the Church

Third Saturday/Month
9am to Noon
Under the Pergola

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