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December 13, 2018

Oh we had so much fun at Las Posadas Sunday night! There were approximately 70 people who turned out for this wonderful event. A big thank you to all those who helped make it a success...The 5 innkeepers, Sally Adamson, Mary Doman, Lynda Bronzellino, Beth Madrigal and Patty McDaneld, the musicians, Rich Bronzellino and Jeremy Shively, and a huge thanks to the Ortiz family who once again hosted the fabulous tamale fiesta. One of the highlights of the evening was when Kaleigh, granddaughter of Doug and Nancy Shively, whacked the pinata so hard that the stick broke! She was rather proud of it! She is woman hear her roar! Here she is triumphantly posing with the broken stick. She got to take it home as a prize!!!

And here are just a few memories from the evening.

The Ortiz family lighting their candles

Getting ready for the journey
The first inn
On the journey
There's room at the inn!

In gratitude, 

Mo. Lyn+

Save the Date!
December Movie Night

Friday December 28th, 6:30 pm in the SHACK room

Pastathon Update - You Are Going to Love This!

The Annual Pastathon Event was held last Friday night at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove. As of 10 pm that night they had collected $442,304 in cash and 44,315 pounds of pasta and sauce. Thom Babcock and his granddaughter Allyssa collected and purchased 4,539 pounds of pasta and sauce for Caterina's Club and checks for $355.00. This was 1,539 pounds above their goal of 3,000 pounds. We are so proud of Thom and Allyssa and grateful that they asked us to participate in this very worthy cause. With just what Thom and Allyssa collected, 20,000 warm dinners will be provided for kids who might not otherwise have had anything. Here is Thom with Michelle Kube Kelly, the Executive Producer for KFI radio who started Pastathon 8 years ago and helped it to become what it is today. 
Photo of the Week
Ronnie Moore who is away on business, attended church at Trinity Episcopal in Grand Ledge, Michigan. He said it was a friendly place and that passing the peace there was just like Emmanuel! They convinced Ronnie to join the choir and he practiced with them and then joined them in singing the Offertory anthem. They introduced him as Ronnie from South Africa via California. On the stairs leading up to the narthex, he noticed a hole in the wood panelling, which contained a couple of church mice, so he sent us the picture. I love a congregation with a sense of humor!!!
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