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Social Justice and the Episcopal Church

he Episcopal Church believes that our call to social justice is rooted in the promises we make in the baptismal covenant. This was addressed at length during General Convention in 2015. The following promises taken from the Baptismal Covenant, found beginning on page 304 of the Book of Common Prayer, challenge us to think about how we respond to the needs of the world in light of those promises.  Read more

Lenten Disciplines

The traditional Lenten disciplines are fasting, almsgiving and prayer. Fasting can mean omitting certain meals, certain parts of meals, or certain foods from our diet. But it can also mean the giving up of a behavior or way of thinking which seems to be separating us from the awareness and presence of God.  Read more

Its Time for Advent Plans

Believe it or not, it is time to think of plans for the season of Advent, those four weeks leading up to the great feast day of Christmas. There will be a special activity on each of the Sundays of Advent. Feel free to invite family and friends to join us for any or all of these wonderful events.  Read more

The Sign of the Cross

Crossing oneself is an ancient form of what is known as a body prayer. It is typically done either at the beginning and/or the ending of prayers. It is also done as a prayer by itself.  Read more

Remembering the Saints

In the Episcopal Church, remembering the saints on special days is a continuation of an ancient tradition from the early Church. Many of the saints whom we honor are the same ones honored by the Roman Catholic Church. After the Reformation, the Anglican Church continued to honor most of the saints it had before the separation from Rome. Since the Reformation, the Anglican Church has added to the list of those honored, persons thought to have led an exemplary life of faith and who serve as examples and role models for others.  Read more

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Emmanuel Episcopal Church

"Walking in Love, as Christ Loved Us"

Emmanuel Fullerton Sanctuary