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The Purpose of Kairos Outside

Kairos Outside is a special weekend retreat designed to support the female loved ones of men and women who are or have been incarcerated. Families of the incarcerated "do time" right along with their loved ones. In a safe environment with loving people, women interact with other women who are in similar situations and learn to form small groups to support and give them strength for the challenges they face. We want to let them know that there is a Christian community who cares about them and understands their needs.

The Kairos Outside weekend will provide an opportunity to not only explore one’s relationship with God, but also experience a time of fun, music, great Kairos Outsidefood and community.

We know that this Christ filled experience will be strength for the journey. They don’t have to “do time” alone any longer.

“We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.”
(1 Thessalonians 2:8)

What Happens On A Kairos Outside Weekend?

The weekend has a series of talks by women sharing their life journey. All of the participants gather at tables which soon takes on the characteristics of a loving, sharing family. “A Kairos Outside Table Family.” For many women this will be their first experience in a loving, safe family with people of similar circumstances.

The Primary Objective

The primary objective of Kairos Outside is to prepare the women for an ongoing Christian relationship with God. Of great importance is the fact that previous Kairos Outside participants serve as team members. They share their lives and Christ’s unconditional love as tables family guides and cooks.
The weekend is a wonderful Christian experience in nature, although no religious affiliation or statement of faith is necessary to attend. Everyone is welcome.

“Come just as you are…Hear The Spirit Call”.

Who May Attend?

Women who have or have had a loved one incarcerated. Some of the women live outside of California, but still have the need and desire to attend this very special weekend. In these situations, Kairos Outside is in need of funds to assist in arranging transportation.

About God’s Team

The team members are active in their churches and Kairos Prison Ministry. They come from many different Christian denominations and are committed to ministering to inmates and their families. One woman, who’s husband is in prison, and who serves as a team member on Kairos Outside weekends, had this to say about her Kairos Outside experience…

“My Kairos Outside weekend helped us put God in control of our lives. God had a plan for us and although we chose to take the rough and rocky road, the Father never left our sides. Instead, He brought us back to the place He wanted us all along”.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

"Walking in Love, as Christ Loved Us"

Emmanuel Fullerton Sanctuary