Taizé Service

First Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm

votives on the altar railHave you ever wondered what a Taizé service is? It is offered the first Wednesday night of every month at 7:00pm at Emmanuel. A lovely, meditative, prayerful service with reading and Taizé chants, it lasts about one hour. The church is dimly lit with votive candles on the altar rail; the cross from the Angel Chapel is resting on the floor; a few chairs and pillows are placed around the cross.

The service begins with a chant, which we all sing together. It may even be one that you already know, as we occasionally sing Taizé chants during our Sunday morning services. Some of those chants are Ubi Caritas, I Am Sure I Shall See, The Lord Is My Song, Wait For the Lord.

This chant is followed by a few minutes of silence. Then a passage is read from Scripture, again followed by a few minutes of silence. Next, a passage from an inspirational book is read, followed by a few minutes of silence. These periods of chant/silence/Scripture/silence/reading/silence are repeated two more times. Then everyone is invited to take a votive candle as a symbol of their devotion and place it around the cross. We can sit, stand, or kneel as we pray or chant at the cross. This is done on an individual basis and no one is pressured to do this. After the chants are finished, we are blessed and the service is over.

Taizé is a community in France that was founded in 1940 by Br. Roger as a means to assist refugees. It has since become a place of prayer and a community of peace. From the Taizé website, "From its beginning the community has been inspired by two aims: to live in communion with God through prayer and to be a leaven of peace and trust in the midst of the human family." People are welcome to visit Taizé.

Mother Lyn visited Taizé during her sabbatical and initiated the Taizé service upon her return.

If you are seeking a way to deepen your walk with our Lord, this may be for you. The periods of silence are brief and help to move us into God's Presence. There is a specific theme chosen for each month, and the chants and readings reflect that theme. You are invited to come and see what this service might hold for you.

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