From the first eucharist celebrated at the North Orange County YMCA in 1963 to the bold hexagonal sanctuary built in 1970 on 3 acres of land purchased by the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, Emmanuel Episcopal Church has been an innovative, creative, and loving church community. Father Paul Edwards, appointed vicar in 1963 to plant another Episcopal church in Fullerton during the population explosion of 1950’s, served as the first rector of Emmanuel for 32 years. He was a leader in the Episcopal Charismatic movement of the 1970’s after a sudden and profound spiritual experience that opened the gifts of the Holy Spirit up to him. He was joined in ministry in 1983 with Father Rob Bethancourt, a young priest, musician, husband and father.

Together, the “Grace Brothers” lead the community of Emmanuel in service, community outreach, and vibrant and spirit filled worship, through all of the ups and downs of church life. When Father Paul retired in 1995, Mother Lyn Crow joined Father Rob as the associate and served with Rob until his retirement after 34 years of service in 2017. Mother Lyn, with her gifts of music, prayer, contemplation and compassion, served as associate and then as interim as the people of Emmanuel have navigated the complex terrain of calling a new rector.

The Reverend Holly Cardone now joins the community of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Fullerton as their 3rd rector.

With God in charge, the Holy Spirit at work and the example of the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as the road map for living out the gospel in the world, Emmanuel remains the inclusive, loving and inspired presence in Fullerton, CA it has always been.

We welcome you and want you to know that God loves you, no exceptions.



The Rev. Holly Cardone

Mother Holly was recently ordained to the priesthood in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, California.

A a person in long-term recovery, her focus is healing and spiritual care. Currently, she is developing an Addictions and Recovery Commission for the Diocese of Los Angeles. Rev. Holly believes we are all in recovery from something and that recovery is as complex as the people and the addictions that plague them. She believes that with lots of love, support, and abundant Grace, recovery is possible.


Our Emmanuel Staff

| Bookkeeper - Dave Dunlap

| Parish Coordinator - Lynette Nyaggah

| Senior Warden - Ted Jones

| Junior Warden - Howard Minkley

| Treasurer - Dave Dunlap

| Clerk - Joy Jones